Announcing a New Book | Sharing My Life: Building the Co-operative Movement by Harold Chapman | Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

The Centre for the Study of Co-operatives is pleased to announce the co-publication, with well-known co-op leader and developer Harold Chapman, of Sharing My Life: Building the Co-operative Movement, Harold’s memoirs.

Harold Chapman’s memoirs about the progressive legacy of co-operatives in Saskatchewan lend the subject an air of authority. His accounts of the people who dedicated their lives to the development of co-operatives in the province makes this history personal, helping the reader to feel connected to the principles and practice of co-operation. The biggest lesson Chapman teaches us is the importance of education in achieving and maintaining co- operatives. This is especially true for agricultural co-operatives, as farmers have to learn to surrender at least some of their individualism in order to reap the rewards of economic enterprise through co-operation.Joan Champ, Executive Director Western Development Museum

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