Call for posters for Imagine 2012 Co-op Economics Conference

Imagine 2012 Conference: Co-operative Economics
Quebec City, October 6-8 2012
Poster Session

Theme 1: Alternative economic concepts or research relevant to the co-operative business model
Theme 2: Emerging ideas from behavioral economics and socio-economics and their applications to co-operatives and ethical production, consumption and exchange
Theme 3: Emerging ideas in co-operative finance
Theme 4: Economic, social and/or environmental impact of co-operatives
Theme 5: Co-operative principles and values as an economic advantage
Theme 6: Assessing performance of co-operative firms
Theme 7: Role of co-operatives in local development
Theme 8: Co-operative networks and economies of scale
Theme 9: Co-operatives and income inequality
Theme 10: Co-operatives, job creation, and worker engagement
Theme 11: Co-operatives and innovation
Theme 12: Intellectual property and co-operative commons

•Poster abstract submissions accepted in English, French, Spanish or Italian.
•Poster abstract submissions are limited to 300 words.
•An individual may be co-author of any number of poster abstracts, but presenting author of only one.
•Please submit your poster abstracts on or before July 31 2012 to

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