Co-operating to Build a Better Nova Scotia/ Coopérons pour une Nouvelle-Écosse meilleure

Upcoming conference: November 22-24 at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS

Abstracts for this conference are due August 10, 2012.

Nova Scotia has a strong co-operative sector, with a rich history of contributions to the needs of Nova Scotians, and ongoing involvement with the broader national and international co-operative movement. IYC2012 provides an opportunity to reflect on what comes next, on the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing co-operatives in this province and beyond.

Research relating to any type of co-operative and research exploring the ways in which co-operation can be a key mechanism through which people address their own needs and those of their communities is welcome. For example, papers relating to healthcare, financial institutions, housing, food, education, homecare, education, childcare; transportation, employment, energy, and other proximity needs.

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