Funding opportunity – Nonprofit Applied Research Grant

The Institute for Nonprofit Studies at Mount Royal University is once again presenting an opportunity for researchers in Canadian Universities to apply for an applied research grant. This is the fourth year such grants have been awarded and to date . The maximum grant will be up to $7,500 and two such grants will be awarded. A compete list of former and current grant recipients is available on the Institute web site as is a model for preparing a one-page letter of interest. The letter of interest must be received on or before October 12th, 2012. Full applications will be due on November 12th. Each author of a letter of agreement will receive a full application form to complete. Proposals must clearly demonstrate the direct applicability of the research to the nonprofit sector.

Please note that this is not intended as a student research fund – the Institute for Nonprofit Studies provides funding to ANSER for this purpose.

Questions may be directed to

Peter R. Elson,
Senior Research Associate
Institute for Nonprofit Studies
Mount Royal University

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