Mike Lewis presentation about new book: The Resilience Imperative

Solidarity, Resilience and Re-Claiming the Commons

 At the midpoint of the University of Victoria’s 2013 IdeaFest, Ana Maria Peredo, Director of the Centre for Cooperative and Community-based Economy (CCCBE), welcomed a large and diverse group of university and community members to a stimulating discussion led by Mike Lewis, arising out of the launch of a new book, The Resilience Imperative.  Written by Mike Lewis, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Economic Renewal [check title] and Director of the BC-Alberta Research Alliance on the Social Economy, together with Pat Conaty of the UK New Economics Foundation, the book reviews a wide range of important success stories in the emerging social economy.

In introducing Mike, Rod Dobell, Senior Advisor at CCCBE, noted that this latest work forms part of a long career directed toward linking ideas to action within the social economy.  Reflecting the ongoing research agenda of the Centre, that work operates in part at a theoretical scale, building on many years of literature addressing the dynamics and resilience of the complex social-ecological systems in which all human activity is embedded.  More importantly, it attempts to link this work with continuing experimental work in behavioural social sciences, cognitive structures and experiential learning to understand and promote the emergence of cooperative forms of organization and evolution of social norms of reciprocity and trust.

Mike’s presentation was characteristically pointed and dynamic, and will be accessible through the CCCBE website.

-Sandy Polomark

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