CASC Representative to the ICA’s International Committee on Research – Seeking Nominations

Call for Nominations for CASC Representative to the International Co-operative Alliance’s International Committee on Research – Over the years CASC has been fortunate to have several of its members serve on the International Co-operative Alliance’s Committee on Co-operative Research (ICACCR) –

Currently, one of our members, Lou Hammond Ketilson serves as the Chair of the Committee (and Ian MacPherson also sits on the committee).  Lou’s term will be ending shortly, however.  This means that CASC should nominate someone else to serve on the committee.   CASC has not historically had a procedure for doing nominating people to sit on this committee, so at our most recent board meeting we adopted a procedure.  It was decided that we should issue a call for nomination before our annual general meeting and then at the annual general meeting we would vote to select a nominee.

We are hereby issuing this call for nominations.  In terms of criteria for the position, we have determined that two conditions are the most important:
(1) The nominee should have some history of participating in ICACCR events and discussions (e.g., attendance at the Annual ICACCR conference);
(2) The nominee must be willing and able to secure their own financing for participating in the work of the ICACCR (e.g., attending meetings), as the ICACCR is not able to provide financial support.

If you are interested in being nominated to be a member of the ICACCR, please let us know before the CASC AGM (though we will also accept nominations from the floor, we would strongly encourage you to inform us before hand).  We would ask that you prepare a short statement on your interest in the position, which you can send to Darryl Reed (, President of CASC.

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