Co-operatives, Peace and Social Inclusion

Co-operative Initiative for Peace and Social Inclusion

For over 200 years, the international co-operative movement has advocated peace and social inclusion. It has done so partly because it often emerged during periods of war and social violence and because of a commitment to economic democracy and social inclusion and its principle of being open to everyone who can use its services.

The Co-operative Initiative for Peace and Social Inclusion brings together researchers and practitioners concerned about this important theme in Co-operative Studies. It focuses on co-operatives that bring people together who traditionally have not collaborated effectively because of historic, ethnic, religious, or political reasons. It explores how co-operatives serve diverse members through the kinds of governance and managerial approaches they employ; their connections with other civil society organisations; and their understandings of co-operative thought.

An Executive Committee drawn from the University of Victoria and from other organisations, including the International Co-operative Alliance, will guide its work. Currently 40 research associates from 17 different countries will be involved in this work.  This initiative will be under the direction of Dr. Ian MacPherson, Emeritus Professor of History and specialist in Co-operative Studies.  The Univerity of Victoria’s Centre of Co-operative and Community Based Economy will host and support this work in association with the Centre for Global Studies.

-Centre for the Study of Co-operatives and Community-based Economy

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