You can still register: “Creative Community Business” Conference Innovation, Change, and Sustainability at CBU

“Creative Community Business” Conference Innovation, Change, and Sustainability

July 10-12, 2013
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Community Economic Development Institute of the Shannon School of Business is dedicated to advancing community capacity in innovation and sustainability, and we are pleased to organize a multidisciplinary conference on Creative Community Business.

Community-owned and community-based ventures are a strong part of the Canadian economy for over a century and recent innovative practices have made the community business sector a hot topic in national vistas.  Cape Breton University has faculty with recognized expertise in community development, innovation and creativity, and general and social entrepreneurship and are organizing this exciting conference.  The conference brings together practitioners, researchers, and community organizations, from home and afar, to discuss current practices, challenges, and emerging trends in community business.  Participation in the Creative Community Business conference is open to directors, entrepreneurs, public policy makers, managers, academics, and any organization or person interested in community business, development, innovation, and sustainability.

We are keeping the conference cost low:  if you register by June 7, the cost of the conference is only $190+tax, and that includes our famous Surf & Turf dinner extravaganza (Cape Breton lobster & beef) by the Sydney harbour.

Please email us at for any additional information or request related to your participation in the conference.

-George Karaphillis, CBU

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