International Summit of Cooperatives 2014 announces its themes

From their news release:

Food security, access to health care and health services, and the global job crisis will be central to the program and discussions at the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives to be held October 6 to 9, 2014, in Quebec City, Canada. International studies will be the framework for examining innovative ways cooperative enterprises can make a difference and address these enormous global challenges.

These ambitious, bold themes will garner the attention and interest of cooperatives from every sector of the global economy as well as world leaders and politicians.

As it did in 2012, the program will also focus on cooperative development and strengthening. Governance, capitalization, financing, innovation at the service of members’ changing needs, talent management and retention, compensation, and other issues will be discussed with a view to offering solutions for cooperative managers.

Read more:;jsessionid=06397DDE5D3BC8A8486BB2392A95DF52?template=newsDetail&newsID=7252

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