Call for Papers: Journal of Co-operative Studies

The next edition of the UK Journal of Co-operative Studies is entitled Co-operating @ the (Cutting) Edge: Innovating for Social Inclusion, Sustainability, and Solidarity Economies and will be focusing on Canadian content. The editors are three board members from the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation: Isobel Findlay of the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives at the University of Saskatchewan, Fiona Duguid of the Canadian Co-operative Association and Ana Maria Peredo of the Centre for Co-operative and Community-based Economy at the University of Victoria.

The theme of this special issue aims to draw analytic attention to the ways in which co-operatives and related social economy organizations innovate:
• To champion social inclusion
• To support economic and business practices fostering sustainability
• To build solidarity economies

Possible topics include:
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Social and Solidarity Co-operatives
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship in crisis and conflict contexts
• The Role of Public Policy in Promoting Co-operative Innovation
• Co-operative Ownership and Governance Structures and Practices
• Fostering Co-operation among Co-operatives
• Co-operative types (worker co-ops, financial co-ops, consumer co-ops, agricultural co-ops, etc.)
Among many others

Papers are subject to blind peer review by two referees. Deadline for submissions is August 31. Full call for papers available here.

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