Your researcher profile wanted! Mapping research expertise

As a follow up to a series of meetings exploring Canadian co-op research priorities and gaps (hosted by CASC and CCRN), we wanted to engage you in mapping the expertise of co-op researchers across the country. We have a growing community of multi-disciplinary researchers tackling research on co-ops and we want to better capture the expertise of our community. This mapping process requires 5-10 minutes of your time to enter your research profile online by answering a few quick questions (research expertise and methodology expertise).

These profiles will serve to:
– better showcase your work
-create a clearer picture so we can collaborate with greater ease on future projects/publications
-more clearly see gaps in research to inform future strategic discussions

Please take a few minutes to complete your profile at and please share this email with colleagues as well as students engaged in research. We are looking to capture not just those studying co-ops, but also those in fields that intersect with co-op studies. If you would prefer to offer this information over the phone, Marion Hewitt Pollock, a research assistant with CASC, can call to you gather this information in a brief interview. If you prefer this option, send your availability to Marion via .

Your research profile will be shared on the Canadian Co-operative Research Network website and, as well, the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation board will mine these profiles to identify gaps and to seek collaboration opportunities.


Erin Hancock, Chair of CCRN and VP of CASC

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