Call for graduate students to research gender and international co-op projects

The Canadian Co-operative Association seeks keen graduate students who are looking to study gender, co-operatives and international development. These research projects will be invaluable in contributing to international programming.

Departments of Focus: Women’s studies, International Development, Education, Public Policy

About the Canadian Co-operative Association: The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is the national association of credit unions and co-operatives in English-speaking Canada, representing more than nine million co-operative and credit union members from over 2,000 organizations.  CCA is a federally-incorporated co-operative, owned by its member organizations.

CCA’s International development Unit supports co-operative development activities in over 12 countries, funded by CIDA and other development agencies, and in partnership with local co-operatives. International projects range from agricultural production and marketing co-operatives, trade, credit union strengthening projects, microfinance, housing and multi-sectoral co-operatives. In many of these projects, beneficiaries are in poor regions and sectors that are underserved by the mainstream economy. Several CCA projects target women or ethnic minorities. Our approach is to help people in developing countries to develop sustainable co-operatives, owned and controlled by members, through which members and their communities benefit.

Opportunities for graduate students:CCA is seeking to recruit graduate students interested in doing a) secondary desktop research and/or b) primary research on gender issues related to CCA’s current international projects and programming.

CCA is looking to recruit graduate students who would be interested in a) carrying out desktop research and analysis of CCA programming documents about gender issues to contribute to CCA’s international programming; and/or b) carrying out field research on gender issues related to CCA’s projects in Africa, Asia or the Americas. CCA can offer existing project sites as potential research sites for graduate students looking for local organizations to partner with to carry out graduate research on gender and development issues.

CCA is seeking to recruit interested graduate students in the departments of Women’s studies, International development, Education or Public Policy.

The volunteer graduate student would study a particular topic presented by CCA for desktop research and analysis, or pick a CCA project, choose a topic and mould their research around it.

The volunteer would potentially develop a critical analysis piece to contribute to CCA’s learning about its gender programming and to help deepen CCA’s understanding about what is happening on the ground in the communities where CCA is carrying out development projects.

More details

-Sarah Feldberg, Volunteer Coordinator, Canadian Co-operative Association

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