Call for papers: ICA Committee on Co-operative Research (Croatia 2014)

Dr. Sonja Novkovic, as the new Chair for the International Co-operative Alliance Committee on Co-operative Research, is inviting papers for the June 2014 conference in Pula, Croatia.

The conference will bring together researchers and students of cooperative businesses and the social economy, as well as other fields of co-operative research, but it is also intended to provide a networking opportunity for fledgling local cooperatives.

The conference will address, but is not limited to, the following research areas:

  1. The role of cooperatives in securing sustainable local and regional development;
  2. Co-operative regional networks and the role of federations;
  3. Co-operative consortia and sustainability of the local economy;
  4. Co-operative identity and local development;
  5. Co-operative longevity;
  6. Co-operative resilience in economic crises;
  7. Co-operative governance;
  8. Co-operatives and employment – job tenure, job quality and job satisfaction;
  9. Regions and trade – the role for co-operative supply chains;
  10. Co-operatives, growth and socio-economic development;
  11. Strategies for co-operative development;
  12. Cooperatives and income inequality;
  13. Cooperative accounting;
  14. Financing start-up and growing cooperatives;
  15. ICA blueprint for the next decade in regional contexts;
  16. Agricultural cooperatives and economic development;
  17. Community cooperatives for disadvantaged regions;
  18. Social cooperatives.

We invite practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in the cooperative and social and solidarity economy to submit an abstract no longer than 300 words on the above topics, or other topics related to co-operative studies. Proposals for presentations or for panels (up to 6 participants) and sessions (three or four presenters of research papers on a common theme) are welcome. The abstracts should be submitted by email to:
Sonja Novkovic:

Abstracts are due March 1, 2014. FULL DETAILS HERE

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