Call for students/researchers: Comparative Co-operative Law Programme

The Comparative Co-operative Law Programme administered under the Co-operative Governance Initiative at the Critical Research Laboratory in Law and Society at Osgoode Hall Law School (York University) seeks to develop a single online resource to facilitate comparative analysis of co-operative laws in Canada.

Canada has 14 distinct jurisdictions, each with their own framework of laws that govern the co-operative sector. A comprehensive survey of co-operative laws in any one jurisdiction is a significant undertaking given the high degree of variability found in the objects and operations of co-operative enterprises. Financial co-operatives (credit unions), retail co-operatives, worker co-operatives, to a name just a few, require industry specific rules and regulations that often overlap with other areas of the law, blurring the boundaries of what constitutes co-operative law.

Through inter-provincial and territorial partnerships, researchers from each province in Canada will be given an opportunity to provide information regarding the co-operative culture, history, and legal framework in their jurisdiction. By aggregating this information in a standardized format, each jurisdiction’s contribution can be subjected to comparative analyses so as to expose differences, and assess law and policy strengths and weaknesses.

Please distribute this call to any Canadian students or co-operative research institutions affiliated with a Canadian university.

Click here for more information: CGI information and call for applicants

-Tim Petrou

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