Call for papers: 2014 International Summit of Co-operatives

Authors and researchers are invited to submit proposals for empirical or theoretical articles. Selected articles will be compiled, published and made available to Summit participants. Researchers will also have an opportunity to present their research results.

Solicited Research Themes
Proposals must be linked to the Summit’s main theme, the Cooperatives’ Power of Innovation, and one of the five following sub-themes:

  1. Developing cooperative and mutual businesses
  2. Financing and capitalization for cooperatives and mutuals
  3. Food security through cooperatives and mutuals
  4. Access to health and social care services through cooperatives and mutuals
  5. Solutions to the global employment crisis offered by cooperatives and mutuals

Selected contributions must further discussions, reflection and help identify solutions to address the development and performance challenges facing cooperatives and mutuals.

Special attention will be paid to research carried out in the past year. While the committee is primarily looking for new articles, it will also consider articles already published in journals whose circulation is limited to one country. In this way, local contributions can be made available to an international readership.

The articles will be published in French, English and Spanish.

Deadline for submitting full papers is Feb 15, 2014.

Full information and the form to submit your paper is available here:

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