Centre for the Study of Co-ops Hiring Project Director

POSITION: Project Director
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives University of Saskatchewan

Deadline: December 31, 2013

Primary Purpose: To coordinate the work of multiple stakeholders (employee; funder; communities, researchers and partner institutions) in the execution of a two-year project that is designed to develop a transformative model and innovative action plan to support co-operative development in rural and Aboriginal communities in Western Canada. The Project Director will be responsible for project management and specifically, overseeing the research and communication activities. The Project Director will also be active in fundraising efforts that will be undertaken to support the initiative beyond 2015. As a primary responsibility, the Project Director will work closely with the Project Management Group to prepare a comprehensive report – including the identification of specific co-operative development initiatives that may be initiated beginning in 2016.

More on the position and qualifications: http://jobs.usask.ca/job_postings/jobs/13585m.php#.UrnL29JDuOi

-Centre for the Study of Co-operatives



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