Chart released of top 50 co-ops

Industry Canada has released a handy one page chart of the top 50 non-financial co-operatives (by gross revenues) from their 2010 data. The top 5 are Federated Co-operatives Limited, La Coop Federee, Agropur Cooperative, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited, and Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd. It can be accessed here:

2 thoughts on “Chart released of top 50 co-ops

  1. This is a good initiative – particularly as it comes fm Ottawa – but judging “top coop” based on financial performance overlooks a lot of coops that may well be better examples of successful integration and engagement of coop principles at the enterprise/association level. Would love to see a list of those Canadian cooperatives with top Co-op Index scores… Interesting too to see the overlap… 🙂

    • I too believe comparing co-ops based merely on financial performance is short-sighted. A scoring that rates both financial AND co-operative principles performance is truly what
      would set us apart. It is no wonder that the average
      Canadian sees the sector as just another business.

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