Webinar March 12: Education for Co-operation


Education for Co-operation: How do we educate co-operators?
Wednesday March 12 | 1:00pm EST (1 hour)
Featured speakers: Karen Miner, Christina Clamp and Erin Hancock
*Free to attend*
Register today!

The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network is presenting this webinar to explore how the co-operative sector employs their 5th principle of co-operation – education, training and information. The featured speakers are Karen Miner, Christina Clamp and Erin Hancock.
Karen will speak about the status of a current study for the 2014 International Summit Co-operatives on the state of co-operative management education internationally. Also, she will profile the International Consortium of Leaders in Co-operative Business Education – a new, global network of institutions providing education and training for co-operative enterprises. Karen is the Managing Director of graduate level Co-operative Management Education at Saint Mary’s University.

Christina will report on a US-focused cooperative inventory project that captured: the scope of educational and/or training programs and materials; evaluation of specific materials; identification of other outstanding materials; and gaps in, or problems with, cooperative educational materials. Chris also conducted research to map the study of cooperatives in higher education in the USA and Canada in 2012-13.  She will report on the results of both studies and discuss the policy implications for co-op education. Chris Clamp is a professor of sociology at Southern New Hampshire University and director of the doctoral program in Community Economic Development and of the Center for Co-operatives and CED.

Erin will begin by providing the results of a scan of Canadian co-op educational initiatives including those undertaken by primary co-ops, federations, universities and consultants. This research provides an understanding of what type of work is happening and points to opportunities for improvement as well. Erin is the Manager of Research and Education for the Canadian Co-operative Association.

*Please note we have changed our audio set-up so prepare to join via VOIP on your computer or otherwise phone a Toronto-based number*

1 thought on “Webinar March 12: Education for Co-operation

  1. Hi Erin I would really like to be able to participate in this, but currently have another all day commitment. Will try to catch this at another offering or in archives! Thank you for providing these opps. I’m a strong promoter for CCRN ~Carol

    Carol L. Tyler 71 Bayberry Drive, Suite 112 Guelph ON Canada N1G 5K9

    T: 1-519-822-1084 C: 1-519-994-3242

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