Bring the co-op principles to life ! ICA and CASC want to hear from you

Dear Canadian co-operative advocate, practitioner, or researcher:

The Canadian Association for Studies in Co-opearation (CASC) is assisting the International Co-operative Alliance’s Principles Committee in gathering feedback from you — Canadian co-operative practitioners, researchers, and supporters — for the new drafting of the Co-operative Principle’s Guidance Notes.

Specifically, the Principles Committee, in a mandate established in November 2012 during the General Assembly of the ICA and the final international event of IYC2012 in Manchester, UK, is overseeing the process of (1) adding new Guidance Notes to the Co-operative Principles, (2) establishing the irreducible core of each Principle, and thus (3) of the co-operative identity.

Attached you will find the full DRAFT Guidance Notes for the following Principles:
3. Member Economic Participation
5. Education, Training, and Information
7. Concern for Community

You can also find the full DRAFT Guidance Notes for Principles 3, 5, and 7 here:

Please read these, share them in your networks, discuss them, and submit your comments and feedback on the substance of these DRAFT Guidance Notes to the following brief survey by June 1, 2014:

For further background information, we also invite you to review the ICA Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade:

The Board of CASC will gather up all of the comments and feedback received from Canadian co-operative practitioners and researchers and will send them to the Principles Committee shortly after June 1.

Sincerely, and in co-operation,
The CASC Board

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