Conference: Co-operative economy and collective ownership in Cyprus in November

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that a new research area, “Co-operative economy and collective ownership”, will be permanently part of the EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy) conferences.
This research area welcomes scholars interested in the co-operative sector, an important component of the economy in Europe, in the Americas and in the Asia Pacific, and of developing significance in Africa.The co-operative firm is a very old institution, as is the interest that economics, sociology, history and management have shown in its study. Nevertheless, the attention given to the co-operative economy, in both research and teaching, is limited, if compared to its actual dimension and potential, especially in times of crisis.

This research area is interested in all forms of co-operative businesses: workers’ cooperatives; consumer cooperatives; credit unions and banks; users’ co-operatives; mutuals and insurances. We are also interested in community-level forms of collective ownership of services and public goods. Co-operatives operate in the most diverse industries, markets and societies. An interdisciplinary research approach is most welcome given the multi-faceted nature of the co-operative movement, whose symbolic birth is held to be in Manchester in 1844, though much older and more primitive forms of co-operatives have existed in Europe (back to the Roman period), Asia (during early Chinese dynasties) and in the Americas (in Pre-Columbian societies).

Some of the recent interest in co-operation has been prompted by the financial crisis and the debate on the failures of capitalism. But even in growth periods, the co-operative model has been praised as an option for very contemporary needs such as workers’ participation and involvement, ownership of standards and systems in the digital economy and in creative industries, alternative currencies and peer to peer banking, and self management of community level services and facilities.

Next conference, as you may already know, will be held at University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus from 6-8 November 2014.
-Abstract submission deadline: 30 May 2014
-Notification of acceptance: 20 June 2014
-Full paper submission deadline: 1 October 2014

If you want to submit an abstract for our Research Area conference follow this link
If you want to download the full Call for Papers in pdf, please follow this link

Thanks for your attention, and please forward this email to any colleague of any discipline that may be interested in joining us.


We hope to hear from you soon,

Andrea Bernardi, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Salvatore Monni, Roma Tre University, Italy

Rowan Tomlinson, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Hanan El-Youssef
Strategy Manager
International Co-operative Alliance

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