Atlantic Schools of Business Conference: Call for Papers

On September 26-28 2014, the Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS) will hold the 44th Atlantic Schools of Business Conference. This conference, which rotates throughout the Atlantic Provinces, is now one of Canada’s longest running academic business conferences. For more information about the ASB conference, follow this link.

You still have the chance to submit your paper for the conference. In fact, the deadline for paper submissions has been extended to August 8th 2014. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Suggested paper topics are but are not limited to:
• Determinants and effects of innovation
• Cultivating an environment for Innovation
• Innovation management and the complexity of the innovation process
• Entrepreneurship and technology innovation
• Open innovation and collaboration models
• Innovation at a regional level and regional growth
• Impacts of innovation on environment, energy and transportation
• Innovation policy
• Social innovation

Please note that submissions are to be made via e-mail to the contact listed below:

Claudia De Fuentes
Sobey School of Business,
Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, NS
B3H 3B3, Canada
Phone: +902-420-5851

For more information on guidelines for submissions, follow this link.

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