CASC new board members named and acknowledge previous

Here are a few key points about the AGM elections from the CASC conference held in St Catherines on May 27-29.

Retiring board members:

  • Ana Maria Peredo (University of Victoria)
  • Marcelo Vieta (OISE at the University of Toronto)
  • Isobel Findlay (University of Saskatchewan (will continue on the board, as the representative of the Centre for Co-operative Studies))

Newly elected (and re-elected) board members:

  • Erin Hancock (who served last year as our Vice-President) and Fiona Duguid (who was our conference program chair) were re-elect to the board.  
  • Newly elected members include: Claudia Sanchez Bajo (University of Winnipeg), Claude-Andre Guillote (the Director IRECUS, at the University of Sherbrooke) and Justin Ellerby (Cape Breton University).
  • Darryl Reed and Alli Floroff have one year remaining on their terms.


All officers were re-elected, namely Darryl Reed as President, Erin Hancock as Vice-President, and Isobel Findlay as Secretary Treasurer.

Next Year’s Conference:

At the AGM, the membership also voted to have the conference next year at the University of Ottawa.

 Finally, pictures of the CASC conference are now available on their website

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