CEARC Research Grants: Call for Proposals

The Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives (CEARC) has made a research fund available for research in accounting and reporting for co-operatives and credit unions. There is only one call for proposals per year. A total of $20,000 is available for this call. These funds may be awarded to more than one recipient.

The main purpose of this fund is to encourage researchers in Canada as well as internationally to undertake projects of relevance to accounting and financial reporting in the co-operative and credit union sectors. The research project may be of interest to either/both academics and practitioners. While not a specific requirement, ideally the research will lead to a broad dissemination of its results through conference presentations and journal publication.

Funding Criteria
The main funding criteria are that the work be relevant to academic and/or practitioner accountants in the co-operative and credit union sectors. The project must be completed on a timely basis and be of satisfactory quality. The timeliness criterion should be demonstrated through the applicant’s detailed timeline in the proposal. The timeline should show the expected dates for production of reports or working papers. The maximum time allowed to complete the report or paper is 24 months. The CEARC Research Committee will evaluate proposals and recommend to the CEARC Board of Directors which proposal(s) should be approved and the amount of funding.

Grant applicants are required to submit their proposal outlining the following:

  • Description/purpose of research project
  • Target audience
  • Practitioner, academic, both
  • Method of communication to target audience
  • Methodology
  • Experience/interest in co-operative/credit union research
  • List of publications and/or conference presentations in the last 4 years
  • Timeline for completion of the project
  • Budget

The deadline for applicants to submit proposals
is December 15th, 2014.

Fore more details about submission, consult the original call for proposals here.

You may also want to consult the CEARC website at http://www.coopaccounting.coop/

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