Call for Papers for the European Research Committee’s Conference

First call for papers for the European Research Committee’s conference “Future of the Co-operative Model: Creativity, Innovation, & Research” to take place in Paris, France from 27-30 May 2015.

Conference aim

Crisis highlighted that innovation, creativity on products, production process, governance and financing are essential elements of the productive organization to face problems and grow up. Cooperatives and social economy organizations have been in many occasions creative and innovative to all functional stages for the benefit of the members and the socio economic environment that they are engaged. The broad interpretation of cooperative principles gives cooperatives flexibility in designing their governance and financial structures, which are extremely efficient in the pursuit of global strategies. In such activity (agriculture, finance, heath, education…), cooperatives and mutual successfully innovate to adapt the social and economic crisis. What are their advantages and weaknesses?

Proposals focusing on the innovation and creativity solutions of cooperatives would be particularly welcomed. General themes and specific sessions are proposed for selected papers and poster sessions.

Conference general themes

  • Cooperatives and Rural-Urban
  • Cooperatives and their business model specificities
  • Global Competitiveness and Governance
  • Cooperatives confronted with the employment crisis
  • Law and specificities
  • Cooperatives, taxation and finance
  • Cooperatives and Social Responsibility

Guidelines for abstract / paper submissions

To be eligible for a Selected papers Session or a Poster Session:

  • Select a general theme
  • Submit an Abstract (min. 350-max. 400 words) including title, keywords (and) JEL codes
  • Upload full paper (pdf format) – mandatory.

Deadline for submission is November 27th 2014

For more information including key dates, technical specifications for submission, and details about the general themes, consult the original call of papers here or contact the organizers of the event at

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