Upcoming Webinar – Emerging Co-op Research Showcase – March 30th, 12-1pm EDT

The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network is hosting its next free webinar March 30th, 2015, from 12-1pm EDT entitled “Emerging Co-op Research Showcase.” 

This will be a session of new co-op research, by emerging co-op researchers, for everyone. The session will also demonstrate the new Emerging Co-op Researchers Network website.” Register now!


  • Justin Ellerby is a student in the MBA in Community Economic Development program at Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, with a background in housing co-ops and multi-sector co-op development.His presentation will be an exploration of the Emerging Co-op Scholars Network website, a new platform for students and practitioners to share and build opportunities, resources, ideas, and connections.
  • Samira Nuhanovic, (Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a PhD candidate at the International Doctoral school in Local development and global dynamics at the University of Trento.Having in mind the importance of certain cooperative principles, her research aims to investigate the ways in which organizational structures, and consequently productive and marketing activities of agricultural cooperatives, can be diversified in order for them to have a positive impact on rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the reduction of rural poverty.
  • Andrius Ragainis is a Master’s in Environmental Studies student at York University. He focuses his research on social accounting systems and co-operative enterprises.In the webinar presentation, Andrius will present his ongoing research of how Ontario’s co-operatives implement social accounting. Presentation will also include a short overview of the existing social accounting systems.

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