Atlantic Co-operative Publishers goes Digital and National

Atlantic Co-operative Publishers launches an exciting new e-magazine: The Canadian Co-operator

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Une nouvelle publication numérique nationale!

Les Éditions coopératives de l’Atlantique lancent un nouveau cybermagazine fort attrayant intitulé: Le Coopérateur

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Atlantic Schools of Business Conference: Call for Papers

On September 26-28 2014, the Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS) will hold the 44th Atlantic Schools of Business Conference. This conference, which rotates throughout the Atlantic Provinces, is now one of Canada’s longest running academic business conferences. For more information about the ASB conference, follow this link.

You still have the chance to submit your paper for the conference. In fact, the deadline for paper submissions has been extended to August 8th 2014. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Suggested paper topics are but are not limited to:
• Determinants and effects of innovation
• Cultivating an environment for Innovation
• Innovation management and the complexity of the innovation process
• Entrepreneurship and technology innovation
• Open innovation and collaboration models
• Innovation at a regional level and regional growth
• Impacts of innovation on environment, energy and transportation
• Innovation policy
• Social innovation

Please note that submissions are to be made via e-mail to the contact listed below:

Claudia De Fuentes
Sobey School of Business,
Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, NS
B3H 3B3, Canada
Phone: +902-420-5851

For more information on guidelines for submissions, follow this link.

Tools to Measure Co-op Performance and Impact

*Conference presentations now available online *

Researchers and practitioners using tools to measure co-operative performance & impact gathered in Halifax May 23-24, 2014 to discuss the following themes:
• Statistics and data collection;
• Putting co-operative principles into practice;
• Community impact;
• Member engagement;
• Reporting practices.
The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada and the Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives at Saint Mary’s University (Sobey School of Business) hosted this event.
To view the program and conference presentations,click here.
A publication is in the works to be released in the winter of 2015 so stay tuned for more on this.

Invitation to the 2014 WSSR

Workshops on Social Science Research (WSSR) at Concordia University in Montreal from May 1 to July 17, 2014.

  • An opportunity for students, researchers and members of the general public to learn from seasoned academics, politicians and policy makers.
  • Workshops range from one to five days and are offered both for credit and non-credit.
  • Possibility to attend a single or several workshops
  • Spaces are limited, register today.

To find out more about WSSR and the workshops, follow this link.To download the workshop program, click here.

The Winner of the 2014 CASC Award of Merit is…

At its annual banquet held May 29 2014 in St. Catharines, Ontario,  the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation recognized a member of the association who has made significant contributions to research on the co-operative economy over the years. To find out the winner of the 2014 CASC Award of Merit, follow the link!

MCDRN Newsletter released and webinars open for registration


The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network (hosted from the Canadian Co-operative Association with partners across Canada) has released their quarterly newsletter in January. FULL EDITION

In this issue

Housing research update

New project on co-op theses: What are students researching?

New co-op development project update

National Study on the Impact of Co-ops

New project emerges from Sustainability Scorecard

Dr. Ian MacPherson remembered

Scholarships announced

Young scholars initiative

Researchers convened in South Africa

Webinars announced!

Meet new researchers

News – bits and bytes

Publication opportunities

Survey – win a book!


Co-operative identity and branding: Does the co-op brand attract people?

January 22, 1:00pm EST (1 hour)
Featured speakers: Siôn Whellens, Gerard Perron, Tom Webb
Register today!

Education for Co-operation: How do we educate co-operators?
March 12, 1:00pm EST (1 hour)
Featured speakers: Karen Miner, Christina Clamp and Erin Hancock
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University of Saskatchewan awarded $1 million for co-op business development

The University of Saskatchewan has received $1 million from Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), on behalf of the Co-operative Retailing System, for a new initiative in co-operative business development in rural and Aboriginal communities in Canada.

The project will be led by the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives in partnership with the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS), the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, the Edwards School of Business (ESB) and the Plunkett Foundation in the UK.

Working with rural and Aboriginal communities, the partners will explore ways to expand the co-operative business model in communities where co-ops have not previously been present.The project has a strong educational component, with the expectation that research will translate into real-world applications. It will incorporate experiential learning opportunities for students, integrate research and teaching tools into the JSGS and ESB curriculums, and develop case studies in rural and Aboriginal social and economic development. This knowledge will be used to better inform future business leaders and policy makers about the efficacy of the co-operative model.

See more at:

-University of Saskatchewan


Marcelo Vieta interviewed about research on worker-recuperated enterprises in Italy

The European Research Institute on Co-operative and Social Enterprises interviewed Marcelo Vieta about his research Recuperating enterprises, reviving community: The conversion of investor-owned businesses into worker-run firms.

Marcelo Vieta is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow and lecturer at the Social Economy Centre, University of Toronto. He is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) and the International Secretariat for Human Development (ISHD) (both also at York University), an associate member of the Applied Communication Laboratory (ACTLab)at Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication, a co-organizer and member of the Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (TSCI), and serves on the board of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) and the Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER).

Read the full interview here:

New money awarded for research on co-ops and international development

The National Cooperative Business Association’s international arm -CLUSA- has just reported receiving a two year $1.3 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to advance the knowledge and research of global cooperative development.

The project, in close collaboration with the Oversea Cooperative Development Council (OCDC), will design and establish a new cooperative development research and resource facility, the Cooperative Development Research and Resource Center (CDRRC), to build upon and broaden the ongoing research activities of various Cooperative Development Organizations (CDOs) to meet the needs of the international cooperative development community. The CDRRC will also provide a platform for both the development of research products and guidelines for the OCDC members and other cooperative development programs, and furnishing limited services to the CDOs, their partners and other cooperative development stakeholders.

Read the full article here


Call for graduate students to research gender and international co-op projects

The Canadian Co-operative Association seeks keen graduate students who are looking to study gender, co-operatives and international development. These research projects will be invaluable in contributing to international programming.

Departments of Focus: Women’s studies, International Development, Education, Public Policy

About the Canadian Co-operative Association: The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is the national association of credit unions and co-operatives in English-speaking Canada, representing more than nine million co-operative and credit union members from over 2,000 organizations.  CCA is a federally-incorporated co-operative, owned by its member organizations.

CCA’s International development Unit supports co-operative development activities in over 12 countries, funded by CIDA and other development agencies, and in partnership with local co-operatives. International projects range from agricultural production and marketing co-operatives, trade, credit union strengthening projects, microfinance, housing and multi-sectoral co-operatives. In many of these projects, beneficiaries are in poor regions and sectors that are underserved by the mainstream economy. Several CCA projects target women or ethnic minorities. Our approach is to help people in developing countries to develop sustainable co-operatives, owned and controlled by members, through which members and their communities benefit.

Opportunities for graduate students:CCA is seeking to recruit graduate students interested in doing a) secondary desktop research and/or b) primary research on gender issues related to CCA’s current international projects and programming.

CCA is looking to recruit graduate students who would be interested in a) carrying out desktop research and analysis of CCA programming documents about gender issues to contribute to CCA’s international programming; and/or b) carrying out field research on gender issues related to CCA’s projects in Africa, Asia or the Americas. CCA can offer existing project sites as potential research sites for graduate students looking for local organizations to partner with to carry out graduate research on gender and development issues.

CCA is seeking to recruit interested graduate students in the departments of Women’s studies, International development, Education or Public Policy.

The volunteer graduate student would study a particular topic presented by CCA for desktop research and analysis, or pick a CCA project, choose a topic and mould their research around it.

The volunteer would potentially develop a critical analysis piece to contribute to CCA’s learning about its gender programming and to help deepen CCA’s understanding about what is happening on the ground in the communities where CCA is carrying out development projects.

More details

-Sarah Feldberg, Volunteer Coordinator, Canadian Co-operative Association