Alain Plouffe

Name: Alain Plouffe
Phone: 418 683 7225 (311)
Institution: SOCODEVI

Current research interests: Outil pour faire le Benchmarking de coopératives similaires.
Méthodologie de gestion du changement au sein des coopératives
Fusion et absorption de coopératives, défis et solutions
Le commerce international et les coopératives agricoles
La croissance outre frontière des coopératives

Biography: Alain Plouffe, is International Director of SOCODEVI. Mr. Plouffe is an engineer (University of Sherbrooke), he has a Masters in Business Management Cooperative (IRECUS-Université de Sherbrooke) and a 2nd cycle degree in Project Management of Engineering and Urbanism (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal). He works in international cooperation since 1984. He has lived and worked in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia where he held various roles in simple and complex projects, with private, bilateral and multilateral donors.

Mr. Plouffe works in SOCODEVI focus on improving trainings material and management tools to increase the efficiency of the cooperative business in order for them to deliver better and cheaper products and services for their members.

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