Daniel Spitzberg

Name: Daniel Spitzberg
Email: stationaery@gmail.com
Institution: CoFED
Phone: 7814922852

Current research interests: cooperation as radical protest; mainstreaming radicalism; student activism experience; food cooperatives a a place to gain an “acquired taste” for democracy

Research topics: sociology of science, history of technology

Research methodologies: sociological ethnography (climate change negotiator and nonprofit advocacy groups; commercial space companies); investigative journalism (academic research scientists); user experience survey (graduate student education, skill acquisition); participatory action research (community food hubs)

Contact me for: partner on a project, especially student-oriented or workforce development studies; connections to student interns, research assistants, and respondents (I know many eager students!)

Biography: Danny Spitzberg practices cooperation as a form of positive protest. As Lead Trainer with CoFED, he trains and coordinates regional organizers in empowering students to get an “acquired taste” for democracy by running cooperative food ventures. Danny designs experiential learning curriculum that connect CoFED’s mission with its work on the ground. His specialities are team-building, prototyping, and training. Prior to CoFED, Danny co-created the largest chapter of Slow Food on Campus in Madison, WI, starting with weekly dinners and growing into a group of 25 student interns running a café, a CSA share, and several community outreach projects. Danny lives in and loves Oakland, CA. He also knows a thing or two about tea and bicycles.

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