Erin Hancock

Erin Hancock. April 2014
Name: Erin Hancock
Institution: Independent consultant, Member of Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation
Phone: 902.802.1806

Current research interests: 

  • Governance best practices
  • Impact of co-operative enterprises on communities
  • Intersection of public policy and co-operatives

Research topics:

  • The public policy context for co-operative development
  • Co-operative development and capitalization
  • Youth engagement in co-operatives

Research methodologies:

  • Qualitative semi-structured interviews
  • Literature review
  • Policy analysis

Contact me for:

  • To better understand the co-op research community in Canada
  • To find co-op information and publications
  • If you want to collaborate on a project


Erin has a diverse history in the co-operative movement in the roles of staff, board member and volunteer. She worked in research and education with Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (formerly the Canadian Co-operative Association) from 2010-14. Erin served as the Chair of the Canadian Co-operative Research Network (2012-2014) and the Vice President of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (2012-2014). She has also served on the boards of four other co-operatives/co-op associations.

She completed a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Public Policy Studies at the University of New Brunswick in 2009 where she studied the policy context for co-operative development in the province of New Brunswick. She also holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies and a Diploma in University Teaching (Adult Education) both from the University of New Brunswick.