George Karaphilis

Name: George Karaphillis
Phone: 902.563.1467
Institution: Cape Breton University

Current research interests: Economic impact analysis of the co-op sector

Research topics: Economic impact analysis, social finance and access to capital for social enterprises

Research methodologies: Valuation research, Input-Output economic impact analysis

Contact me to: Partner on research projects, Student exchanges etc.


George Karaphillis is Director of the MBA in CED program, Director of the CED Institute, and Associate Professor of Management Science.  George has been teaching at Cape Breton University for many years: he has taught on finance, investment management, quantitative methods , information systems, and entrepreneurship.

George has interests in valuation research and impact analysis:  in the entrepreneurship, economic development, financing, and social economy spaces.

He has served on boards of economic development organizations, including BCA Investment Co-Operative and  BALLE NS.  He had also founded a computer solutions provider company and he assisted many organizations in implementing multi-user information systems.

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