James Hynes

James Hynes

Director of Business Development and Operations
Case Receivable Management, Inc.

Email: jhynes@invoice911.ca

Research Interests:

  • Distributism (Agrarian/Urban)
  • Re-population and restoration of rural areas for the benefit of families
  • Local/organic agriculture and CSA’s
  • “Rural Urbanism”
  • Subsidiarity/de-centralization
  • The Guild System
  • Non-monetary economics
  • Senior co-housing

Contact me to: Partner on a project related to any of my research interests.

Biography: New to CCRN, James Hynes was introduced to the cooperative movement by the likes of G.K. Chesterton, E.F. Schumacher and other Distributist writers. He supports cooperatives as a positive tool for international action.  Professionally, James has over 20 years experience in credit management and risk mitigation, currently plying his trade with a private accounts receivable management firm, where his role is to help credit unions and other co-operatives mitigate potential financial losses by assisting in the accounts receivable management process.

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