Wendy Holm

Name: Wendy Holm
Institution: Saint Mary’s University
Phone: 604-417-2434
Email: wendy@wendyholm.com

Current research interests: In Capstone year of MMCCU program (in 2013) at Sobey School of Business, SMU.  M.Sc. in Ag Economics.  Current research interests include: Cuba’s path to a more cooperative economy. Support for cooperative education and training within Cuba’s coop farm sector.  Co-op Index as a tool to benchmark and evaluate results of cooperative training in Cuban farmer/worker coops. Policy support for worker coops in non-farm sectors of Cuba’s economy.

Research topics: Communications.  Complex adaptive networks. Introducing members to better tools to measure financial health of their cooperative (how Alan Robb’s Operating Cash Flow after Interest and Dividends Analysis could have saved Canada’s Dairyland Coop from demutualization).

Research methodologies: Interview, survey, qualitative and quantitative research, economic analysis.

Contact me for: Networking, to partner on a project, if you are interested in experiential research (a UBC 3 credit field studies course I teach every May in Cuba)

Biography: http://www.wendyholm.com

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