Donna Balkan wins CASC Merit Award

Donna Balkan of the Canadian Co-operative Association was awarded the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation Merit Award at the annual co-op research conference of CASC last week in Victoria, BC. Donna has been a steward of the CASC scholarships for a number of years, she enthusiastically promotes the work of Canadian co-op researchers and she elevates the awareness of co-operatives across our country (and beyond). In addition, Donna also engages in research as a practitioner. At the conference last week she presented a study of Canada’s largest co-ops and how they showcase (or fail to showcase) co-op identity on their websites. She created metrics to rank performance on measures of co-op communications.

CASC’s board and members were thrilled to celebrate someone who has contributed so much. If you would like to congratulate her, you can do so on twitter using #coopresearch or by email at

Great work Donna!

Co-operative library and historical documents – University of Saskatchewan

The Centre for the Study of Co-operatives at the University of Saskatchewan has an extensive co-operative library and also an online archive of co-operative historical documents such as meeting minutes and photos.

Take advantage of these great resources today online:

University of Saskatchewan – Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
Centre for the Study of Co-ops Library
Online history (artifacts/meeting minutes/photos) of co-operatives in Saskatchewan

CASC Conference in Victoria – Register today!

CASC Conference – Registration and Keynote

The CASC Conference in Victoria, BC (June 4-6) is a month away.  The deadline for on-line registration is fast approaching.  Please remember, that you need to register (both for Congress and for CASC) to attend the conference.  We would especially encourage you to also register for the annual joint banquet with ANSER (on June 6th).  To register on-line please go to:

We are delighted to announce that we will have Mirta Vuotto from the University of Buenos Aires deliver the keynote address at this year’s conference.

Conference draft program
-Darryl Reed, CASC President