Call for papers for special journal: Worker Cooperatives as an Organizational Alternative

Worker Cooperatives as an Organizational Alternative: Challenges, Achievements and Promise in Organizational Governance and Ownership

Ana Maria Peredo from the Gustavson School of Business, Centre for Co-operative and Community Based Economy and University of Victoria would like to invite papers for this special journal edition of the journal Organization.

Examples of key themes for investigation allowing for further international comparisons include:

1. The organizational resources, structures, and dynamics allowing for social as well as economic resilience in worker cooperatives;

2. The changing roles of leadership in worker cooperatives: considering for example the interplay of various forms of leadership from charismatic to collaborative or group-based;

3. The capacity of and obstacles to the reinvention of democracy within cooperatives, including means to manage and solve conflicts between different goals, sectors, and constituencies (for example, concerning the relationship between worker-member-owners and temporary workers);

4. The relationships between cooperatives and organized labour, the state, the community, and the larger financial system;

5. Maintaining cooperative values while facing crises of participation, identity, and shared ownership and decision making within a system undergoing international expansion.

Papers should be no more than 8,000 words, excluding references, and will be blind reviewed following the journal’s standard procedures.  Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines published in Organization and on the journal’s website

For more information, contact Ana Maria Peredo



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